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Mr. Binnun has been involved in product development for nearly his entire career, spanning companies as small as 12 to publicly traded corporations. Exposed early on to mature product development and research and development processes, Dan has a wide range of experience that he carries with him from an engineering process and development perspective. He brings expertise from electrical system design, embedded system architecture and circuit board design. Mr. Binnun founded E3 Designers to help fill his strong desire for learning and growing as an engineer. Dan has studied engineering and business process in his free time, engaging with executive leadership on product development initiatives when opportunity knocked. Dan graduated from the University of Hartford in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering.


LAB SPACE - Shirley, MA

E3 Designers is proud to announce a new lab space that has been renovated and re-finished in the Shirley, MA location.

With this new space, we are better able to rework, test and design products for our customers and partners. 

This is an exciting step for us as a company, and the first of many projects we will undertake to build our business and our capabilities!




E3 Designers, LLC

2 Pond View Circle

Shirley, MA 01464

Tel: 978-257-2118

Email: dan.binnun@e3designers.com - Greater Boston Area

Email: katie.butler@e3designers.com - General Company Inquiries